Runway is looking for a NSW based arts professional to attend Dark Mofo 2017 (8-21 June – coverage dates negotiable). We want you to be our eyes and ears in Hobart, and so we are offering offering a travel bursary in return for your response and review of exhibitions and events at this key Tasmanian event.

This bursary does not include access to the event.
To apply, please submit as one PDF to editorial@runway.org.au:
  • a resume
  • a writing sample/or appropriate reference
  • 200 words on why you want to go, what elements of the festival you are keen to respond to, and an indication of your proposed mode of response (written content, interview, illustrated, video etc…)

Artists, writers and curators based in regional NSW are particularly encouraged to apply. This bursary is for NSW applicants only, generously supported by Arts NSW.

The successful applicant will be notified on the 6 May.


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