Australian Reflexxx profile Loc Nguyen.

Artist Profile: Loc Nguyen from Runway Experimental Art on Vimeo.

Why do we have to think about a future body that is dissolving race and gender as a solution when we can actually just be embracing the differences today? And think about how we can live in a world that is free from those oppressions today.

Loc Nguyen is an artist working across interactive media, video, sound, performance and installation. His works explore ideas about the every day cyborg, and examine the relationship between the human body and machines. His practice investigates the ways racial and queer identity have become mediated through digital technologies and cyberspace.

Australian Reflexxx are André + Jack who make films, installations and performance art. They love dreamy and extremist work and are inspired by artists who push the boundaries of what is possible with a body, a material, a timeline.

Loc Nguyen

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