Day for Night, Day for Night, Day for Night.
Starting with stills of the Stars.
A little slice of drifting around in the final hours of Day for Night from Liveworks Festival, 2017
I like the way limbs interact and the looseness in the disco.

Rafaela Pandolfini 

Rafaela Pandolfini is an artist based in Sydney. Opening Saturday 11th November is a project called Inside that she has organised with Stella Rosa McDonald, for more details follow & @inside0inside

Day for Night 2017 ran from Sunday October 28, 12pm – 12am as part of Performance Space’s 2017 LIVEWORKS program.

*If anyone appears in this video who does not want to be there please email and I will edit straight away!
Music mix – Paul Mac & Jonny Seymour


In the Shadows of History

Keep Calm and Carrion

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