Applications are both a perennial necessity and nuisance for the creative communities. They bring with them the opportunity for artistic growth and the chance of administrative grief. Here, Verge Gallery presents a series of talks designed to tip the scales in towards the former.

How to Apply for Exhibitions

An evening of presentations from industry professionals from three galleries with tricks and hints for getting your exhibition application noticed. Get advice on introducing your exhibition, writing a conceptual statement, how to select images and present yourself professionally when trying to get your art shown in a range of different spaces. Speakers included Sian McIntyre (Former Director of Verge Gallery), Josephine Skinner (co-Director of Cement Fondu), Nanette Orly (co-Director of Cold Cuts), and Georgia Hobbs (co-Director of Firstdraft).

Videographer: Tim da-Rin

How to Apply for Grants

An evening of presentations from peak arts funding bodies on How to apply for grants. Industry professionals chat about a range of grant opportunities for artists and how best to apply with tips and tools for writing applications. Speakers included Lachlan Herd (Sector Investment Officer, Create NSW), Esther Rolfe (Grants Officer, Australia Council for the Arts), Marilyn Schneider (Grants Officer, Australia Council for the Arts), Claudia Roosen (Communications Coordinator, the National Association for Visual Arts), and Mona Jindi (Bright Ideas Programs Project Manager, University of Sydney Union).

Videographer: Tim da-Rin

The Accessible Conversations project was supported by Create NSW’s Audience Development Fund, a devolved funding program administered by Museums & Galleries of NSW on behalf of the NSW Government.

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