**Proposals for content due 8 June 2017**

In 1975 conceptual artist Bas Jan Ader set out to cross the North Atlantic ocean in a boat far too small for the crossing. In Search of the Miraculous was to be the first part of a triptych of works but somewhere on the ocean, he disappeared. He failed to set the record for the smallest boat to make the crossing and he failed to complete his work, but in the process he created something more – a myth of an artist and an artwork that has stuck in the collective imagination.

Artists and writers embrace the beauty of the impossible and we have all experienced transformative failure. For this issue we are seeking proposals that respond to the idea of failure as a productive force. We are particularly interested in how failure figures in a local context and in artists who pursue failure as process.

Runway is an online publication that commissions experimental, emerging and critically engaged content from artist, writers, critics and thinkers from all over Australia, and that engages with the work of emerging and experimental Australian artists. We encourage submissions that engage with the online format of the magazine, including videos, web based projects, interactive works, sound records of interviews or other, gifs, web disruptions and experimental writing.

A few tips for proposals:

  • All proposals for content must include a 200-word explanation – tell us about your project, artwork, proposed essay etc.
  • All works should be previously unpublished and unexhibited at the time of publication.
  • All submissions should clearly address the theme of FAILURE and be focused on Australian artists, artworks, art culture and/or curatorial ideas.
  • Please send all proposals through to editorial@runway.org.au


  • Content proposals due 8 June
  • Successful applications advised late June
  • Content due 22 July
  • Issue launched early August


  • Contributions in the ‘artwork’ category will be paid $400
  • Short form written contributions (approx 1000 words) $250
  • Long form written contributions (approx 2000 words) $400

Extra requirements for custom web proposals: 

The runway publication is a WordPress environment. A combination of images, video, audio, animated gifs, animations (flash or edge animate) and hosted web fonts (with licenses) could be used to create rich media, including full screen background video/images, interactive buttons/animations, rollovers/hover states, transitions and animations.

WordPress runs off the following languages: HTML, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, CSS and PHP. Any custom web contributions should be fully responsive and submissions should include a mock-up of the content and a statement about how the contribution will be achieved (let us know who will build it, e.g. the artist or an outside developer).

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